The Palace Residency for Emerging Artists, Poland

The Palace Residency for Emerging Artists, Poland


Start time: Sunday 22:00 (15 July)
End time: Monday 01:00 (23 July)


The Palace Residency, Piotrowice Nyskie Palace, Poland

To attend please submit a contributor Application by MARCH 19th


Calling dancers, painters, carpenters & chefs; movers, makers, mavericks and magicians; philosopher or poet, production or performer, The Palace doors are open to all.

The Palace is an invitation to people of all disciplines and levels of experience to meet, make and collaborate. Created by and for emerging artists, ‘The Palace’ is our collective project, the self as the tool.

This year will host 200 creatives over 7 days (15th - 23rd July 2018) with an extensive number of art practices and an international community. All attendees are asked to contribute in some way by either giving a workshop, talk or performance and/or helping with the running of the onsite community. Days are divided into workshops, collaborative projects, individual development & talks. The residency climaxes with the weekend showcase, in which all residents are given the opportunity to show their work. All showcased work will be professionally filmed and photographed. A line up of acts join the residents to host a weekend celebration of our creation with banquets, live music, performance and madness.

The residency offers a unique audience of creative minds and engaged peers with which to workshop ideas, receive feedback, develop work and form on-going creative partnerships. The Palace is about connecting people and building a supportive network that continues long after the event. This year we will be taking work from the residency to show in our year round event series that brings our artists and their work to cities throughout Europe.

Minimum stay 5 days, Max 10 days
€185 resident pass
Ticket includes breakfast & dinner (vegetarian)
Accommodation: Communal sleeping barn, pre set up bell tent, tent , local hotel.
Basic materials provided and further material subsidy discussed on an individual basis

For full application guidelines and residency overview please visit:

Instagram: thepalacearts

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